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Zellfire of House Fyr

Fire log in close up - cropped to bustScreen name: Zellfire of House Fyr
aka: ‘Fire, Seraphiira Fyr
Sorcerer, Aldmeri Dominion
Tailor, Enchanter
Main – PvE / solo emphasis
“Altmer” (see notes)

Seraphiira “Zellfire” Fyr was one of Divayth Fyr’s first successful clones, though that fact is not general knowledge.

‘Fire appears to be Altmer rather than Dunmer, but it’s more technically true to say she’s Chimer; Divayth mined his latent Chimer DNA when he created her, trying to get past the effects of the curse Azura leveled on the Dunmer.  (Divayth himself is older than the curse.  He was born Chimer and was changed.)  Divayth also mixed in some DNA from fire atronachs he summoned, so she’s part fire elemental as well.  When building ‘Fire in various games over the years, I have always tried to find some aesthetic that conveys the atronach aspect of her physical make-up — ESO’s golden facial “tattoos” work well for this; I imagine them as a fine, firey shimmer that plays over her skin rather than a static tattoo.  And I chose the left shoulder burn marks instead of a body tattoo, because “careful” isn’t really her best thing, she set herself on fire more than once when training.  She’s undoubtedly set Divayth on fire, too, but he prefers we not discuss that.

Growing up in Tel Fyr and its islands, ‘Fire is (somewhat paradoxically) most at home near the sea and on boats.  She’s traveled with pirates and has a soft spot for them, although that doesn’t stop her from killing them in droves if she’s got a good reason.  Or is bored.  Or wants their treasure.  She also likes to fish.  She is passionate, but not particularly empathetic, and only goes out of her way to help if she’s paid to or there’s political benefit.

Divayth sent ‘Fire out to build her skills, gather resources for his research, and develop political connections he could exploit at a later time.  She is enjoying her mission.  I anticipate her letters being primarily sent as reports to Divayth.


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