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Zellusia Nyxian Cosades

Nyx log in - mid distance2Screen name: Zellusia Nyxian Cosades
aka: Nyx, Nyxi
Nightblade, Daggerfall Covenant
no crafting skills
Main – PvP emphasis

Nyx is the daughter of Valus Cosades, an illegitimate son of a (former) Imperial noble house, and his Redguard lover, Zaria.  No proper male heir was in place for House Cosades, and Valus was going to be legitimized… instead, disaster struck.  A scandal involving the Emperor’s family was about to be made public; to save royal face, House Cosades volunteered to be scapegoats.  As a result, the House was publically stripped of title, rank, and properties, and all living members were exiled.  The royal inner circle, however, knew the truth and covertly protected the Cosades, who remain devoutly loyal to the Empire.

Valus and Zaria fled to Hammerfell, where Zaria’s family took them in, and that’s where Nyx was (mostly) raised.  Technically, she is Imperial, but she has enough of her mother’s coloring to blend into a Redguard crowd, and her parents have ensured that she is a child of both cultures.  Nyx dislikes her full name, which is mostly the product of her mother’s wistfulness over the noble life they all lost.  “Zellusia Nyxian” sounded like an Imperial noblewoman’s name, to Zaria.  To Nyx it sounds silly and fussy, and she won’t answer to it.

For all of Nyx’s life, her family has travelled back and forth over the Hammerfell border, moving semi-covertly, often smuggling various illicit goods in and out of Cyrodil.  She has grown up in taverns, caravans, outlaw refuges, and docks, and is equally at home sneaking down a city street or crossing sand dunes.  She is, despite her skills and ferocity in battle, genuinely a kind and compassionate person, especially to those in need.

Nyx is also passionately devoted to the Empire, and when the war broke out, she left Hammerfell and said goodbye to her family for an extended period.  Her goal is nothing short of Imperial reclamation of the White-Gold Tower.  Most of her letters home will be sent to her little sister.

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