Letters From Tamriel

An epistolary gaming blog

Issa Ice-Mane

Isa at the forge - smallScreen name: Isa Ice-Mane
aka: Issa*
DragonKnight, Ebonheart Pact
Crafter alt – Blacksmithing

Issa left Skyrim due to an ugly family dispute about land inheritance, and how lives in Ebonheart where she tries not to get involved in politics and concentrates on her craft.

Every game, I build a tank at some point, and then remember I don’t really like to play tanks.  Also, I wasn’t happy with the theme of the character – the DK special abilities have a fire-and-earth basis to them, and I wasn’t happy with the aesthetic not matching up.  Now I only run Issa out when I need to gather skill points to improve her crafting.  Soon I’ll be done with that, and she’ll be permanently benched.

*It’s supposed to be spelled with two ss’s and is pronounced “Iss-uh”, not “Ice-uh”, as it would be with one s.  I somehow didn’t notice the mistake until I’d invested more time in her than I was willing to delete over a missing letter, particularly since she’s not a main.


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