Letters From Tamriel

An epistolary gaming blog

Nyx, to her sister

Nyx in Stros M'KaiSissa,

I would say the trip was uneventful, that I arrived safely and whole, but I’d be lying.  I won’t go into details now, but you, Mother, and Pappa must be on lookout for agents of Molag Bal.  I defied him by refusing death and enslavement, and in doing so, I made an enemy.

And so has he.

I am well, for now, don’t worry, and don’t join up with the first caravan headed this way.  Mother needs you.  Just stick together, and watch for cultists.

My trip took a detour, but I did finally make it to Stros M’Kai.  It took longer to establish a network than I expected – the war is heating up and everyone is distracted, to put it mildly.  But I got connections made, and can move any merchandise you send my way, if needed.  I also (finally!) have contracted craftsmen for my equipment.  The Altmer making my armor is a snobby, racist ass, but I can’t fault her work, at least.  You’d love the blacksmith I found – I think she said three words the entire meeting, but these blades can split a hair.

Stros M’Kai feels so much like home in so many ways: the sand, the plants, the clumsy dockhands trying to pick my pockets… I love it here.  I’ll head over to Glenumbra soon, but this was a nice layover while I sorted out the supply chain and caught my breath from the trip and its trials.

The first job I was hired to do involved breaking a thief out of jail.  I was unsympathetic, and I can already see the look on your face, because yes – he was the one dumb enough to get caught, right?  But I owed the woman who hired me, and she needed the jailbird’s help.  So I worked my down to the bottom of a petty warlord’s trap-filled dungeon, popped the guy’s cell door, got a heartfelt thanks, and then the bastard teleported himself out and left me to fight my way back out alone.  Way to have my back, Guy Whose Life I Just Saved.  Classy.

This “note” got long, so I’ll let you go.  More information as I have it, and I promise I’ll share details of the Molag Bal issue later.

All my love,


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