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Zellfire, to Divayth

Screenshot_20160404_190121 - faceDivayth,

I have received your messages.  Or rather, I received the first eleven of them, decided I had seen all I needed to see for a while and that eleven was a fortuitous number at which to stop.  I have instructed the Mage’s Guild to destroy any further communications from you until I give them different instructions.  They balked at first, but I told them they could charge your account three times the usual fee as compensation for the extra service and that resolved the matter quite nicely.

At this point you are already ranting aloud at me in your study, but honestly, if you wanted an obedient minion, you should not have crossed your own DNA with a fire atronach.  I have a difficult time feeling sorry for you regarding the “trials” I am putting on you – I mean that, as you should know, quite literally: sympathy is not an emotion that comes easily to me.  By your own design, as you might recall.

I am not normally inclined to justifying or defending my actions.  As you are not.  But out of respect and affection, I will address your concerns.

Re: Abnur Tharn
The Tharns are obnoxious and vile; they have always been.  It is very difficult for me to see how having one less of them alive on Mundus is a detriment to anyone.  But very well, by your command, I will not kill him unless he attacks me directly – you have clearly communicated that would be “inconvenient” for you.  I swear to you, however, that if that human sticks a knife in my back – which seems highly likely, by the way – I will return to Tel Fyr and haunt the tower until the end of time.  I will be the most inconvenient spirit any sentient being has ever had the displeasure of having in their home.  By my very name I swear this.

Re: “going native”
I am not, as you are so very concerned, under the impression that I am or am becoming a wood elf.  The fact that I have experienced a Bosmer spirit-binding ritual and have been wearing Khajiit or Bosmer-style robes does not mean that I am losing touch with my true heritage.  (The clothing is merely for comfort; it is stupidly humid in this damn forest, and I am never cold.)  I am deeply, perpetually aware of my nature, my place in the world, and my duties.  You have ensured this.  Indeed, I am currently following your orders, which, you might remember, include befriending the Altmer Queen so that you will have a powerful ally to exploit in the future.  Her request was that I play nice with the locals and foment connections in the Dominion alliances, and thus I am doing so.  If you wish to change your general directives to me, that is your choice, but I will not tolerate disrespect, not from anyone, even you.

I certainly hope we’ve cleared up those issues and never have to speak of them again.

It seems likely that you are actually less upset with my actions than you are about hitting a wall in your latest experiments.  I suggest that you take some time away from your lab – go find a pretty thing or five to seduce; tell them that story about how the stars were made by daedra escaping Mundus, that always plays well.  Some physical distraction will clear your head and settle your emotions and your experiments will get back on track.

I will instruct the Mage’s Guild to stop destroying your messages.  Eventually.  In a few weeks.  I, too, need some time to clear my head and get back on track.

I remain:
Your flame,


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