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Pictures from Tamriel

I’m going to throw another element into the mix – landscape screencaps.

(I swear I will get back to the fictional elements of this blog.  I’m just having a hard time focusing creative energy because my brain’s too busy screaming in rage at my government.  So… pretty pictures! Yay!)

Aesthetics are super important to me; I love eye candy.  It guides my choices of character clothing and appearance, but I also spend hours at a time wandering through Tamriel just to look at it. MMOs are always a little bit limited in terms of the highest-end graphic capabilities, because the game has to be run on a large number of devices, not all of which can handle all the bells and whistles.  But wow, did the devs do a gorgeous job rendering ESO.  I screencap constantly as I play and use the shots as my screensaver at work.  How pretty is this?

I’m starting with this one because it was a bit of an emotional moment for me.  I’m pretty sure it’s Auridon, because  I hadn’t been playing long, and it was the first time I’d run into Ayleid ruins in ESO.  Up to that point I had known I was in Tamriel, the TES world, but when I walked up to this brazier of welkynd stones, the sense of nostalgia for Oblivion hit me really hard – I was looking at something in the landscape that I recognized.  Not those particular ruins or stones, obviously, (Oblivion was in Cyrodil) but still: Ayleid ruins and welkynd stones… I felt like I was home. 🙂

I had been heading somewhere for a quest, but instead immediately ran to the ruin you can see in the distance.  Esp. funny for me because I had gotten so sick of the homogenous nature of those ruins when playing Oblivion, but there I was, racing across the field, going, “ermahgawd, Ayleid ruins!” like a total dweeb.

Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend, and don’t let the bastards get you down.


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