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Happy Holidays!

@Zells - sepia stone - smallFor me personally 2016 was a great year, but outside my immediate bubble it was pretty much an ongoing dumpster fire.  As happy as I am about all I accomplished this year, including coming to the end of several huge, years-long projects (my Master’s degree being only one of those), the world still seems darker than it was.  Still, the message of the season is that periods of Dark are always followed by the return of Light, and there’s a lot of weight off my shoulders right now, which makes optimism easier.  So I will keep holding my little candle with hope in my heart and wait for the sun.

I work at a university and my winter break starts today, so I’m about to go into two weeks of hibernation, during which I will be on ESO pretty much all day.  And all night several times as well, probably, because what’s winter break for, if not 40-hour gaming marathons?  (Current no-break gaming record is 37 hours solid; I’m going to try and beat it this vacation.  #squadgoals )  If you’re online, give me a whisper and we’ll go explore Tamriel together.

Otherwise: have a wonderful, peaceful, and merry Winter Solstice Holiday of Your Choice.  May it be healing and rejuvenating, and not at all traumatic. 🙂  See you in 2017!


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