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Crown Crates: nope, RNG is not my friend

@Zells - sepia stone - smallWell, I gave it a try, but I didn’t fair much better than Deltia did.  My first impression was that the crates were going to be limited to the duration of the New Life Festival and then disappear, but they seem to be a regular stock item now – though certainly the theme/content of the crates will change.  I will try again when a new assortment goes live, but I’m very much hoping they’ll adjust the system somewhat.

I used Christmas money to buy a 5500 pack of Crowns, and spent 5000 on a 15-pack of crates.  Here were my results:

Apex – 0
Legendary – 0
-Storm Orb Juggle: which is reasonably cool, and one of the things I wanted
-Aurbical Symbols tattoo: I find it ugly, will never use
-Shadow Stripe: a Khajiit face marking; I don’t have a Khajiit char, will prolly never use
-Shornhelm Shephard pet (dog): Eh, okay.  Not the dog I would have chosen, but I’ll use it.
-Storm Atronach aura: Cool, for the few seconds it appears; I did want this one
-Battlemage Scout Uniform Costume: Does not dye well at all, but can look cool – will use
-Feathered Bycoket Cap: I might have eventually bought this on purpose; it’s cute
-“Clever Man” Wizard Hat: will never use
-Azure Brow-to-Temple Circlet: will never use
-Fibonacous Spiral Cap: will never use
-Jawbone Blades (Argonian): will never use
-Roosterfrills (name? – Argonian feature): will never use
-Soul-Shriven Leather Costume: will never use
-Soul-Shriven Clothing Costume: will never use
Fine – all items converted to crown gems
Common – all items converted to crown gems

After opening the crates I found I had misunderstood something that would have affected my decision to make the purchase – only the consumable items and duplicates were converted to gems.  I had thought that all the costumes, adornments, pets, etc. that I didn’t want would be convertible, but they aren’t.  So the majority of my “best” drops are simply trash to me.  5 items I like out of 14: super disappointing, esp. given how many items on the Superior list were cool.  I’d have been tickled to get any of the old, recycled mounts, any other pets, but instead… Soul-Shriven clothes?  I mean, who wants to wear those?  Why are the ugly, tattered prison rags in the reward pile?  Soul-Shriven horse, yeah, that would have been cool.  Soul-Shriven skin?  Okay.  But ratty leathers?  Ugh, why.

When I was done converting, I had 61 gems.  I spent 40 of those to buy the Belly Dancer Veil, which I love… I wouldn’t have paid $39.99 for it, though.  Now I have 21 gems left, which are useless to me until I buy more crates and convert more trash. <sigh>

I maintain my initial stance that all consumables should be deleted from the crate drops.  And obviously, I’m a proponent for being able to convert all drops to crown gems.  I would still like to see the drop rates tweaked – I don’t think I “deserve” an Apex storm-mount for my $39.99, but I do still think Deltia should have pulled a mount when he spent $100.  (Yeah, yeah – each roll is independent; I get how “random” works.  But still: odds should be improved.)  The drop rates wouldn’t be such a big deal, though, if I could convert everything I didn’t want.  And on that note – the conversion rate is really crap and needs to be tweaked as well.

Love them or hate them, crates are here to stay.  I don’t begrudge ZOS the income stream, but I would like to see some adjustments going forward.

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