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Hunding’s Oasis: pt 0, Prologue

@Zells - sepia stone - smallLet the house tour begin!

The place is huge and I will be uploading a ton of pictures, so this will be a series of posts covering the house a section at a time.  They’ll all be titled in the same format and will have tags for easy searching.  I’ll create a new category for houses, but I’ll also flag the posts with the Nyx category since the house belongs to her and is part of her story.

This post is Part 0: Prologue because we’re going to start with the “backstory” of the house.  After this, the house tour posts will be in the voice of a new character, Zellur’ra – with next month’s crowns I’ll buy a new character slot just so this new alt can hold all the housing items when I’m not decorating.  Furnishings are giving me bank-space-problems like in pre-craft-bag days.  Hopefully ZOS will make a furnishings bag, but until then, Zellur’ra will be the House Steward of Hunding’s Oasis, and Official Holder of Things.

(I once saw a Khajiit character named This One Holds Stuff; cracked me up.  I’ve been tempted to name mine This One Keeps House, but the gimmick names get less funny the more you look at them, so I won’t.)

The story of Hunding’s Oasis begins after the cut.  It’s a mix of actual game lore and stuff I made up.  Feel free to ask if you have questions about any particular detail.

Hunding’s Palace is named after the great Ra’Gada warrior Frandar Hunding and was built by the legendary Captain Izad, but it lay fallow and unused for years following Izad’s mysterious disappearance.  Recently High King Emeric gave his blessing for the palace and its grounds to be purchased by the renowned adventurer Zellusia Nyxian Cosades, “Nyx” to her friends.

Hunding's Palace location - smallNyx, a Merchant Lord of Abah’s Landing, has renamed the palace “Hunding’s Oasis” and has opened it up as a stop-over location for merchants and travelers passing through the Stros M’Kai port. While the ships’ crews still layover in the city, captains and their illustrious passengers have begun to take their rest in the luxury of the Oasis. Ships going to or coming from Hew’s Bane are the most common sight in the port, but Stros M’Kai’s location makes it an ideal layover port for ships coming from Daggerfall, Alik’r, the Gold Coast, Auridon, and even Bangkor’ai and Malabal Tor.  All races and alliances are welcome at the Oasis.

Like most of the Merchant Lords, Nyx is rumored to have connections to the Thieves Guild of Abah’s Landing, though the whispers say her connections are deeper and more extensive than most – some even say she is close friends with the new guildmaster.  Regardless, Hunding’s Oasis is ideally suited to be a hub for smugglers and merchants wishing to avoid the higher taxes of more well-patrolled ports. In the short time the Oasis has been open, it has already gained a reputation as a place where deals are made and money changes hands.

However, the Oasis is not a lawless or chaotic place – it is neutral ground  and violence against fellow visitors is strictly prohibited except in the dueling ring.  Keep your weapons sheathed, or the house guards – or Nyx herself – will sheath them for you, possibly in you.

The Merchant Lords of Hew’s Bane, and most of the ship captains who pass through Stros M’Kai, are known for ostentatious displays of wealth.  Wealth equals power equals influence, and from the first moment of stepping through the gate of Hunding’s Oasis, it is clear that Nyx has accumulated a great deal of all three.  The Oasis is filled with trophies from her adventures and travels, many of them gifts from rulers and people of influence.  While her status as a member of the Thieves Guild is spoken of only in rumor, her ties to both High King Emeric and High Queen Ayrenn are well-known, and she is also known to be especially good friends with King Fahara’jad of Alik’r.  Each trophy, gilded urn, and delicate artifact supports Nyx’s reputation as a powerful figure in Tamriel, and she is known to keep the old Yokudan laws of hospitality – as long as the rules are followed, all visitors to the Oasis are under her personal protection.

Thus concludes the backstory of Hunding’s Oasis.  Next time we’ll tour the entryway and front exterior of the home, and there will be pictures, oh yes. 🙂

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