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Hunding’s Oasis: pt 1, Entryway

Zells note: The house tour begins with the post “part 0: Prologue“, and continues in Part 2: Courtyard , Part 3: Interior Downstairs, Part 4: Interior Upstairs, and Part 5: Back Patio. As I continue, I will update all posts to include links to the others.  (I’m anticipating 5-6 posts, each fairly short but picture-heavy.  I have to do it in pieces because it isn’t all finished yet.)  I will now turn things over to Zellur’ra, your tour guide, except for the captions on the pictures where I’ll identify special furnishings and explain any game-mechanics behind the RP.

Greetings, and welcome to Hunding’s Oasis!  This one is called Zellur’ra, and she is honored to be the House Steward for the Oasis, home of our lady Zellusia Nyxian Cosades.  Today Zellur’ra has the additional honor of being your personal tour guide, which pleases her greatly.  Come, come! Shake the road dust from your boots and relax in our shade.

Your sharp eyes have no doubt already noticed the Yokudan statues at the courtyard door, yes?  But of course, how could you miss them?  They were a gift to the lady of the house from King Fahara’jhad himself, in gratitude of her extensive service to his subjects in the land of Alik’r.  The braziers illuminating them, fashioned in the Yokundan style as well, were also a gift from the King.

statues at entrance

The Yokudan statues on either side of the door are achievement furnishings from the Alik’r Adventurer achievement.  The braziers are from the achievement “Uwafa’s Ruination”, which is part of the Alik’r zone questline.  When I say “gift from King Fahara’jhad”, I mean “omg, the gold I’ve spent on achievement furnishings.”

Did you ride in on a horse or your wagon?  Perhaps you have small livestock or goods to store during your stay?  Guests are welcome to leave travelling gear inside the wall, but please understand that you leave small possessions at your own risk – while we offer our guests every reasonable protection here at the Oasis, we cannot be responsible for personal belongings, and sadly, not everyone who enters has your reputation for honesty.

Khajiit cart by gate

The goat is Sanguine’s Black Goat from Crown crates.  The little shade structure he’s standing in is an Argonian tent.  The cart is obviously Khajiit.  I love the sounds the goat and horses make when I’m in this space, makes it feel full of life.  What horses, you say? Well…

Front gate - left side w-horses

Should you have a horse that needs to be shod, a wagon wheel repaired, or perhaps sails or wagon canvases that need mending, please feel free to use the crafting stations we have arranged by the campfire for your convenience.  Some find it pleasant to grab a bite to eat here at the fire while they unpack and talk with friends from the road, but Zellur’ra recommends you save some room for the excellent sweetmeats served inside!

Crafting area

Shout-out to @ZonasArch for lending me his crafting stations for easy access during the decorating process.  Thanks, Zonas!  I had originally planned on putting the crafting stations somewhere with a good view – I looked at building ramps to the roof or putting them on top of the front wall – and I just sort of tossed them here so they’d be easily accessible but out of the way while I was decorating.  But then I got the idea to make this an end-of-the-road work space for travelers and now they’re staying here.

Please forgive this one for her impertinence, but you seem like a person who might have friends in the guild which headquarters in Abah’s Landing?  Ah, yes, Zellur’ra can see by your expression that you understand.  In that case, let us move to the corner… see here, behind the large crates?

Storage area access path

Originally I just planned to block off access to that side of the house entirely – it’s dead space –  then I changed the stack around to give myself a path for when running that way was shorter.  But then I got an idea for what ought to be built in that “dead space”…

The gap there will allow you to move behind the house and avoid most of the travelers who pass through.  Many, many eyes here, yes?  But most do not enter our “storage area” to see the grated well which serves as the entrance to a cave under the surface, the home of our local refuge.  Our refuge is not as large as some of its sisters, but we have all the standard amenities available.  There is a similar gap on the other side – should you need to avoid leaving by the front gate, pass through there and behind the stables to the water’s edge.  Only small vessels can navigate the rocky waters here, but if you have a partner who can meet you on the water, you will have a little more… “flexibility” in your travel plans.  Flexibility is good, yes?  Zellur’ra likes flexibility.

Outlaws Refuge exterior entrance

Back side of the house, between the stables and front gate.  This is the (non-functional) exterior “entrance” to the (totally imaginary) Outlaw’s Refuge under the palace.  If this were a mod, that grate would be an activator that led to a new cell, and I’d build a little mini-Refuge.  Since I don’t have that much control in ESO, y’all are going to have to play make-believe with me on this one.  Just go with it. 🙂 Banner is sold in Outlaw Refuges – need a 20 Legerdemain to purchase.  The “Imperial well, grated” is for sale through the Crown store.

Let us take a break for a moment and catch our breaths before we proceed to the courtyard.

Return to Part 0: Prologue (backstory of the property)
Continue on to Part 2: Courtyard
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