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Hunding’s Oasis – Updates

@Zells - sepia stone - smallI got the Hunding’s Palatial Hall house back in March, and chose it partly because I had a very clear vision of how the spaces would be “used” by the characters, and how I wanted them to look.  But a number of things I wanted weren’t available when housing first came out.  For example, I really wanted the wall in the front room covered with monster heads mounted on plaques – I used to make those in mods and then install them in the player home after that character defeated that boss.  About 2 months after I wished for them, mounted trophy heads were introduced with the Morrowind patch.  ❤  And they are spectacular, just what I’d imagined.

Now, after five months of learning patterns, gathering mats, trading with other players, running dungeons, and spending literally millions of gold, my “Hunding’s Oasis” home is almost exactly like I pictured it when I first walked in.  I’m super pleased.  I could do with twice as many item slots as I have, but within this limit, it’s good.  New patterns and objects will continue to be released, and I’m sure I’ll still replace some items; I’m at 600/600, no adding anything else without subtracting.  But I’m as “done” with the Oasis as I ever will be.  And I love it.

So now that some of the items have been swapped out for what I really wanted, and the trophies have been added, it’s time for an update on the pictures.  I’m going to post the new pics here, after the cut, but I’m also going to go back to the original posts and replace/update those images and descriptions.  Links to the original posts will be at the bottom of this post.
One small change in the entryway.  I replaced the flat, boring cart that was parked by the door with a bigger, more colorful Khajiit wagon that fills up the space better.  The performer’s stage on the back patio is also Khajiit design, so it makes sense, too – this is the performer’s wagon.Khajiit cart by gate

The courtyard only has a few changes.  Firstly, I replaced the kneeling statue on the right side of the door with another standing one, so they are now symmetrical.

statues at entranceSecondly, I discovered the Tanzelwil stones are interactable lights – they can be turned down.  I really liked the big yellow crystal cluster in the back of Nuzhimeh’s cart, but the yellow light was… aggressive.  I turned it “off” and it still glows, but not so much.  I think it’s a lot more interesting-looking this way, no glare and a lot more detail.

Nuzhimeh and cart

I fiddled around with the back corner of the courtyard to make it a more appealing-looking place:Corner for sketchy people

But here’s the real money shot – the trophy wall inside.  That huge-ass Dwemer spider head in the upper center is the trophy head from the Engine Guardian boss in Darkshade Caverns.  If you don’t think that’s awesome, you’re dead inside, and I’m not sure we can be friends.

from front door

I also added the map of Tamriel, the large Redguard chandelier, and oh yeah, all the other heads.  Yes, I did run the dungeons with the cool-looking trophies first, for the house.  Of course I did: priorities, baby.

Trophy wall, full shotTrophies continue into the formal dining room wall:Dining room trophiesAnd this happened:

Zells: What I want for that dining room alcove is a huge, statue-like object, preferably a trophy item, but something super cool that fills up the whole space.  If only there were such a thing…
ESO Devs: How about the huge-ass stone atronach head from the Aetherian Archive trial that’s larger than your character, with glowing lava seams?
Zells: <<swoons w/happiness; babbles incoherently for hours; forces friends to come look>>stone atronach trophyThe bust on the wine rack is the Valkyn Skoria bust (vet CoA2).

The stage area is the other big change I made inside.  I originally had the stage at the back of the room, but it’s much easier to see running down the side wall instead, far more clear now that the area is a stage and audience seating.  And although there are fewer items in the room, it looks more full than it did.Dancing StageBy the way, I’m still not through all the Morrowind content (makin’ it last!) but I have gotten far enough along to see that Desele’s House of Earthly Delights – my original inspiration for this dancing stage – is present in ESO’s Suran.  May not make a whole lot of sense lore-wise, but I was still tickled.

Upstairs is all still the same, but the view is better. 🙂upstairs viewOn the back patio, there are two more changes.  I replaced the “Fires of the Wilderking” rough-stone brazier in the pool with the far more elegant and appropriate “Redguard Brazier, Enchanted”.pool and balconyAnd lastly, I bought myself a present with my birthday money: the Lambent Centurion Target Dummy.  I’ve created a Centurion target dummy in almost all my mods, and I can honestly say that this one is cooler than anything I ever made.  I might not have spent Crowns if I’d known the target dummy patterns would be replaced with the Horns of the Reach patch, and a lambent centurion pattern added, but I’m still happy with my choice.fight clubHonestly, I bought that target dummy for the visuals, just to have it there, but once I put it in place I had to try it out, and wow.  I hadn’t worked with any of the target dummies, and it was super useful.  I fixed a couple of things about my rotation after that short round of testing, and was able to test a couple of procs to see if they are triggering off what I thought they were.  And I can see how working with it on a regular basis is also going to speed up and smooth out my keyboarding skills during combat.

And with that, Hunding’s Oasis is done until there are new items for me to get excited about.  After this I’ll be working on the Black Vine house; I’m turning it into a magical workshop for Zellfire.  But that’s a story for another day.  Happy hunting, everyone!

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