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Summerset How-To Essentials: farming, quest-starters, skill lines, dailies, etc.

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No lore or fluff this time – this is a comprehensive, nuts-and-bolts, “How To Get The Thing” guide to Summerset. How to start the big quests, where the motifs drop, how to get the collectibles, achievement furnishings available, etc. Let the checklist making begin!

After the cut:
Main Quest – how to begin
Psijic Order – how to begin
Skill lines – Psijic; jewelry
Dailies – where, who, how
Jewelry – how to begin / new traits, how to get
Motifs – where to farm pages
Crafting Stations – set descriptions / station location map
New Alchemy Reagents – what to farm
Housing – where, how to purchase
Furnishings – what, how to get
Collectibles / Mementos / Emotes – what, how to get (public dungeon info)
Additional events – Abyssal Geysers (w/map); Relics of Summerset (w/map)
Additional Achievements – new Crafting achievements
Daily Log-in Rewards – what, how

Main Quest entry – “The Queen’s Decree”
Summerset and its questline can be accessed three ways:

  • Go to your Collections (hotkey U), navigate to the Stories tab, and accept the quest by clicking the button.
  • If you build a new character, you’ll be dropped into the Summerset tutorial and will arrive on Summerset.
  • Port to Summerset – you’ll have the Shimmerene wayshrine unlocked on your map, or you can travel to a guildmate.

Once in Summerset, start at the Shimmerene wayshrine; an Altmer man will approach you, ranting about monsters and a Khajiit – that Khajiit is Razum-dar. Take the quest and meet Raz just down the road. (He’s just as handsome as you remember.)

Psijic Order entry
You will meet the Psijic Order as part of “The Queen’s Decree” questline; there’s no need to go looking for them. The first npc you’ll meet is Valsirenn – she’ll show up near the Coral Forest during the first quest of the questline.

Valsirenn will enable you to go to Artaeum, and once you meet the Psijics their quests will show up in the “Guild” section of your Journal. “The Psijic’s Calling” is the first quest, which invites you to join the Order, and after you complete it, another npc will offer you a second major questline that begins with “A Time for Mud & Mushrooms”.

Unlocking the new skill lines

Psijic Order skill line: unlocked after finishing “The Psijic’s Calling” quest.

Jewelry skill line: unlocked when you activate a jewelry crafting station.

Summerset Dailies – 2 possible
The daily quests are given by the Divine Prosecution agents in Alinor, who stand outside by a pergola just south of the temple w/the shrines. The prerequisite activity is minimal; you speak to Chief Justiciar Carawen and she tells you to talk to the two quest-givers, who are standing next to her. Sapiarch motif pages possible in rewards bag, see “Motifs” section.

Justiciar Tanorian – gives quests to Summerset delves
Justiciar Farowel – gives quests to kill Summerset World Bosses

ETA: Alinor has 3 dailies – the third is available from the Battlereeve standing between the Justiciars and the crafting area and it sends you out to destroy 3 Abyssal Geysers. However, her reward bag will not drop Sapiarch motif pages.

Jewelry Crafting
To unlock the jewelry crafting skill line, simply activate a jewelry crafting station.

For jewelry certification (so you can do jewelry writs), talk with the Altmer Felarian, who is standing between the crafting stations and the writ drop-off point.

There are 6 new jewelry traits in addition to the previous 3; all 9 will need to be researched for both rings and necklaces. You can find the traits in various ways, or ask guildmates/friends for research items.

*Arcane / Robust / Healthy – previously available; buffs either Magicka, Stamina, or Health respectively. These traits are available on all dropped jewelry looted in the game.

*Triune – buffs all 3 Attributes (M/S/H), not just one. Jewelry with this trait drops in Cyrodil from Gladiator’s Rucksacks, which are rewards from the Cyrodil Conquest Board dailies.
NOTE: this and the Bloodthirsty trait drops were changed last-minute. Previous announcements indicated the Cryo bags would drop the Bloodthirsty trait, but the change has been verified in-game – this info is correct.

*Harmony – Increases Synergy effects. Available as a possible drop from the Undaunted chests where you get Monster shoulder pieces.

*Swift – Increases Movement Speed. This trait comes from jewelry received as rewards from doing daily crafting writs. The trait mat, Gilding Wax, can be purchased from Rolis Hlaalu for 20 vouchers.

*Infused – Increases enchantment effects. Jewelry with this trait drops from Psijic portals. You must have the Psijic skill line unlocked to see the portals. (see above)

*Protective – Increases Physical & Spell Resistances. Similar to the Nirncrux traits, jewelry with the Protective trait drops only as the final rewards from Summerset quests. The main questline that begins with “The Queen’s Decree” drops a ring at the very end, and from the final Psijic quest you’ll get a necklace.

*Bloodthirsty – Increases damage to enemies below 25% health. Only available in the weekly quest reward bags from trials.
NOTE: this and the Triune trait drops were changed last-minute. Previous announcements indicated the Cryo bags would drop the Bloodthirsty trait, but the change has been verified in-game – this info is correct.

5 New Motifs: Pyandonea, Psijic, Sapiarch, Fang Lair, and Scalecaller
(Maormer / “Sea Elves”) – Pages are available as random rare drops from Crown Crates, and are also rare drops in fishing. (Fishing in Summerset can also net you the motif style mat Sea Serpent hide, as well as other items; see below.)

Psijic – Pages and the necessary style mat (Vitrified Malondo) are available from adventuring activities in Summerset, and your chances increase as your rank in the Psijic Order increases. In order from most to least likely ways to get pages:

  • Completing Abyssal Geysers
  • Killing World Bosses
  • Completing Abyssal Pools
  • Treasure Chests (with higher-difficulty locks being more likely, and easier locks being less likely)
  • Killing Delve bosses
  • Killing monsters

Sapiarch – Pages and the style mat (Culanda Lacquer) are available from Divine Prosecution dailies in Alinor. (see above)

Fang Lair & Scalecaller – Pages and style mats will be available from the respective dungeons, introduced back in the Dragon Bones DLC. Pages drop rarely on Normal, more often on Veteran, and guaranteed on Veteran Hard Mode. The style mats drop from all bosses in the dungeon; more often on Veteran than on Normal, always from the final boss, and more from the final boss on Veteran Hard mode.

ETA: These two motifs did not start dropping at the release date. As of June 29 they have begun to drop, but currently there is a bug preventing some players from using them.

summerset_crafted_sets_locations_eso-wiki-by-fexeleaCrafting Stations & new sets
As usual, there are 3 new crafting station sets in Summerset. This map shows 2 of the station locations; the third is in Artaeum. (Thanks to Fexelea for forum posts & FextraLife updates.)

New Alchemy Ingredients
Two new alchemy reagents arrive with Summerset: Powdered Mother of Pearl and Clam Gall. Powdered Mother of Pearl is a defensively oriented reagent, while clam gall is more offensive. New combinations of potion effects will be available as a result of these additions. The new reagents can be harvested from giant clams found in the wild.

Housing – 2 new homes available, another coming
Golden Gryphon Inn –
A character who has not previously done the housing-apartment quest to get one of the inn rooms in the three Alliances or Vivec City will be approached by Felande Demarie in the Inn and offered a room. Some characters get the room for free, others pay 3000 gold. I believe the difference is that the room is offered for free to characters who are not CP level. (Current theory is that the room is offered for free if none of your other characters have gotten a free Inn room.) No other requirements are necessary to acquire the room.

Alinor Townhouse – Requires the Summerset Grand Adventurer achievement to purchase. (Complete 33 quests.) Cost is 1,025,000 gold, or 6,000 unfurnished / 7,500 Crowns furnished. Lovely place.

Colossal Aldmeri Grotto – Not yet for sale. The current community consensus is that the grotto will be a limited-time offer, and my guess is the cost will be 14K – 19K Crowns. Even if you don’t want to buy it, I’d recommend porting in to see it. Seriously.

ETA: July Crown store offerings have been announced, and the Aldmeri Grotto will be available for purchase from July 5 – 16.

Summerset brings us a raft of new furnishings, many of which are items the community has been clamoring for since housing was introduced – stairs, for example, and a fireplace, and floor sections… so many things. Furnishing patterns are available from looting containers as usual, and furnishings are also available in the following ways:

Home Goods Vendor – Sounds boring, but this vendor’s standard-stock items include huge flowering trees, other interesting foliage, and huge limestone shelves that are flat on the bottom so they can be turned over to use as building platforms. V. useful & pretty.

Achievement Goods Vendor – The following items are available from the achievement vendor once their associated achievements have been completed. Check out lovelynorth’s blog for pics of each, or here’s Icy’s YouTube vid, if you prefer moving pictures.

Abyssal Pearl, Sealed – 75,000g – Back to the Abyss: Defeat all 9 of the named bosses that can appear at Abyssal Geysers. (Note: this is not just clearing each geyser; the named bosses show up randomly.)

Banner of the House of Reveries, Hanging – 10,000g – requires completion of the “Manor of Masques” quest, which begins in Rellenthil.

Banner of the Sapiarchs, Hanging – 10,000g – Resolute Guardian: complete the “The Tower Sentinels” quest, available from Ritemaster Iachesis as part of the main quest (stage 4).

Cloudrest Banner, Hanging – 10,000g – Cloudrest Completed: defeat all named bosses in Cloudrest on normal mode.

Coral Formation, Luminescent – 15,000g – Precious Pearl: complete the “A Pearl of Great Price” quest, available from Ritemaster Iachesis as part of main questline (stage 2).

Crystal Tower Key, Replica – 150,000g – What Must Be Done: complete the “The Crystal Tower” quest, available from Valsirenn, stage 4 of the questline that begins with “The Dreaming Cave” quest.

Crystal Tower Stand – 50,000g – Savior of Summerset, meta-achievement: complete quests, defeat bosses, and explore delves. (The “do everything” achievement.)

Direnni Banner, Hanging – 10,000g – complete the city quest “Lauriel’s Lament”.

Display Case, Exhibit – 25,000g – Mind Games: complete the “Buried Memories” quest, available from the Psijics as part of the main quest (stage 3).

Enchanted Text, Illusory Forest – 100,000g – Summerset Grand Adventurer: complete 33 quests in Summerset.

Evergloam Wispstone – 20,000g – Enemy of my Enemy: complete the “A Necessary Alliance” quest, stage 3 of the Psijic questline that begins with “The Dreaming Cave” quest.

High Elf Statue, Kinlady – 50,000g – Resolute Guardian: complete the “The Tower Sentinels” quest, main questline (stage 4).

High Elf Wine Press, Display – 20,000g – Summerset Cave Delver: explore and clear all six caves in Summerset

Lillandril Banner, Hanging – 10,000g – complete the Lillandril city quest “Murder in Lillandril”.

Mind Trap Kelp, Adult – 20,000g – Mind Games: complete the “Buried Memories” quest, available from the Psijics as part of the main quest (stage 3).

Psijic Control Globe, Inactive – 50,000g – Unreliable Narrator: complete the “Lost in Translation” quest, stage 2 of the questline that begins with “The Dreaming Cave”.

Replica of Transparent Law – 100,000g – Savior of Summerset, meta-achievement: complete quests, defeat bosses, and explore delves. (The “do everything” achievement.)

Shimmerene Banner, Hanging – 10,000g – The Good of the Many: stop the conspiracy sewing chaos through Summerset, protect the Crystal Tower, and forge a new alliance to restore the Isles to order. (This achievement requires the completion of the questline that begins with “The Queen’s Decree” and the questline that begins with “The Dreaming Cave”.)

Spiral Skein Coral, Brittle-Vein – 10,000g – Summerset Pathfinder: Discover the striking locales in Summerset.

Spiral Skein Coral, Elkhorn – 1,000g – Sweet Dreams: complete the “The Dreaming Cave” quest.

Sunhold Banner, Hanging – 10,000g – Sunhold Group Event: Complete the group event in the Sunhold public dungeon

The Keeper’s Oath – 75,000g – Relics of Summerset: Retrieve the 20 dangerous relics stolen from the Psijic Order

Waterfall, Small Everlasting – 75,000g – Divine Magistrate: complete thirty dailies from  Justiciar Tanorian (delves). Those little waterfalls are going to be awesome as accents in Earthtear Cavern; I see Tanorian and I becoming very close friends over the next month.

Psijic Merchant – A Psijic merchant who stands between the Artaeum wayshrine and Ceporah Tower has furnishing patterns you can buy as your Psijic rank increases. The two patterns first available will allow you to make stacks and rows of levitating books for your library, which is fab. Subsequent patterns can make the various tables used in Ceporah Tower, which are… fine, but honestly, I’m all about those floating books. 🙂

Augur of the Obscure – Completing the entire Psijic questline that starts with the quest “A Time for Mud and Mushrooms” gets you a (free) Augur skull for your home as well as the title “Mystic”.

Cloudrest Trial – Want a Sload head to hang on your wall or a new bust for your mantle? Who doesn’t? Mounted head and bust are available from normal and vet modes, as usual. (There’s also a dye for completing it in veteran mode.)

Relics of Summerset achievement – Finding all of the Psijic’s lost, cursed items (see below) gets you (free) the Fan of False-Face, a Collectible furnishing item. The fan… does something, when activated, but no spoilers. 🙂

Fishing – In addition to possibly getting a page of the Pyandonea motif, Summerset fishing also offers a chance of getting giant clams and huge pearls you can put in your home. I’m assuming the usual coral items (Sun Coral; Crown Coral) are also possible drops in Summerset, but haven’t seen that confirmed yet. Also, the new recipes introduced include one that affects fishing: eating the food and fishing with a partner will cause you to get two items with each cast instead of one.  It has been confirmed that getting double-drops with this food was a glitch, not the intended effect, and the error was fixed in a patch. The food’s actual intended effect is that if you eat the food and are fishing alone, you receive the bonus for increased rare drops you would normally receive if you were fishing with another person.

Abyssal Geysers (see below) – The clam-oriented furnishings are also possible drops from the final reward chest at Abyssal Geysers.

Rolis Hlaalu – We’re none of us getting any younger, you know, but soon you’ll be able to watch time fly by on your own grandfather clock, that you made yourself from a new masterwork pattern. As of May 25, it is not yet in stock, but will be soon. No news yet on other gold patterns coming. ETA: the clock is now in-game, but I haven’t been to Rolis to confirm it’s a purchasable pattern.

New Collectibles / Emotes / Mementos
summerset_delves_dungeons_trial-eso-by-FexeleaThere are 2 public dungeons on Summerset, each has bonus rewards. From the Karnwasten Public Dungeon:
Big-Eared Ginger Kitten Pet – Find the seven Runebox Fragments containing the kitty’s collar, sleeping-basket, milk saucer, etc., and combine them into a Runebox, which gets you the kitty.

Sea Sload Dorsal Fin Memento – Acquired as the quest reward from “An Unexpected Betrayal”, the dungeon’s quest.

And from the Sunhold Public Dungeon:
The Psijic Glowglobe Emote – Find the seven Runebox Fragments and combine them to get this emote. Which is fine, but it’s no kitty, ammirite?

The Gryphon Feather Talisman Memento – Acquired as the quest reward from “Sunhold Sundered”, the dungeon’s quest.

From the Cloudrest Trial:
Bedlam Purple (new dye) – Complete Cloudrest Trial on veteran mode

Z’Maja’s Shadow Skin – Acquired by completing the Cloudrest Trial achievement Cloudrest Vanquisher, on Veteran Hard Mode.

Quest-Related, misc
Psijic Skullcap Hat – earned by completing the quest “The Towers’ Fall”, available from Loremaster Celarus in the Psijic Order, the last of their quests.

Face Imprint of the Psijic Order – A Face Markings collectible obtained by completing the quest “The Shattered Staff”, available from Loremaster Celarus in the Psijic Order, as part of their questline.

Body Imprint of the Psijic Order – A Body Markings collectible earned by completing the quest “The Towers’ Remains”, available from Loremaster Celarus in the Psijic Order, as part of their questline.

Mystic Eye Psijic Cuirass – An Outfit Style obtained by completing the quest “The Crystal Tower” as part of The Queen’s Decree questline.

Psijic Warden Gauntlets – An Outfit Style obtained by completing the quest “Lost in Translation”, as part of The Queen’s Decree questline.

But wait, there’s more
Summerset has a couple of unique events also worth listing.

Abyssal Geysers – Similar’ish to dolmens; these sites spawn waves of foes, ending with a boss fight. As I understand it, how well the players do against the mobs is a factor in whether a named boss shows up or not. When all is done, a reward chest called a “Shell Trove” drops.abyssal_geyssers_map_summerset_eso-wiki-by-fexelea

*Fighting a Yaghra Monstrosity provides a guaranteed Ring or Necklace in either the Grace of Gloom, Gryphon’s Ferocity, or Wisdom of Vanus item sets, (the zone’s drop sets) among other loot.
*Fighting one of the named Bosses guarantees the Ring or Necklace will be at least Blue quality, and sometimes Purple quality. In addition, you’ll receive a guaranteed Jewelry Enchantment of at least Blue quality, among other loot.
*Regardless of which Boss you fight, at the end of the Geyser, you’ll be able to open a Shell Trove for additional rewards: another Set Ring or Necklace, a chance at Psijic Motif chapters, and a chance at unique clammy furnishings.

Relics of Summerset: a scavenger huntsummerset_relic_locations_eso_guide-by-Fexelea
Similar to the museum curators of Orsinium and Vivec City, Psijic Order Relicmaster Glendir wants you to track down some items that were stolen from the Order’s collection/archives. The items are cursed, he says, but nonetheless, he’s remarkably chill about finding them, whenever works for you, he already knows it will work out fine. Time Masters, y’know?

You can find the Relicmaster in the Vault of Moawita, in the College of Psijic Ruins in Artaeum (the ruins, not the tower). When you start the quest, he will give you a book with clues, if you want to hunt and not follow the map.

Once you’ve found all the items, you’ll get a shiny new title, “Finder of Lost Relics”, and a furnishing collectible, the Fan of False Face. (see above)

Another shout out to Fexelea / FextraLife for the maps.

New Crafting Achievements
Fledgling Style Master”, “Budding Style Master”, and “True Style Master” – require 10, 25, and 50 Motifs fully learned, respectively. Completing the True Style Master achievement will earn you the title, “Style Master”.

The “Grand Master Crafter” meta-achievement – Requires mastery of all tradeskills, including Jewelry Crafting, and will grant you the long-sought-after title, “Grand Master Crafter” as well as a new Outfit Style for one-handed weapons, the Skyforge Smith Hammer.

Daily Log-In Rewards
Last but not least, the Summerset patch will bring us a new play-incentive, Daily Rewards. I am not 100% on a couple of the details, so I have copied this over directly from the patch notes.

Patch Notes:
“Beginning on June 5, we’ll be introducing a new rewards system that will allow you to claim a reward each day you log into ESO! Rewards range from in-game currency, consumables, to even unique collectibles.

  • Daily rewards are cumulative, not consecutive. This means you will receive a new reward each day you log in, not based on the amount of consecutive days you log in.
  • You can claim your daily reward from one of the following areas:
    • The Announcement panel, right after you load into your character
    • The new Daily Login Calendar found in the Crown Store UI
    • Right before logging out
  • Rewards become available to claim at 12AM UTC each day, and the collection of rewards will refresh on the first day of each calendar month.
    • The length of the reward calendars will likely vary in length and won’t necessarily be the same number each month.
  • Until this system launches on June 5, the rewards window UI will appear blank.”

And there you have it, fellow Tamrielites – a list of How To Get The Things. Do you like spreadsheets? I like spreadsheets; here’s one you can download with the info listed above. Summerset rewards map  (I’ve never inserted a file like this before; let me know if you have problems downloading it.)

See you on the beaches!

P.S. I have now seen the Sloads; it was as bad as I feared. ::shudders::

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