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Greetings, and welcome to Letters From Tamriel!

The categories (see the menu in the right column) are grouped primarily by individual character, and the posts for each character proceed sequentially from the oldest date forward.  You can begin by jumping into the blog feed, but I would recommend going to the posts tagged “<Name> – backstory” to read about a particular character’s premise and background; the individual letters will make more sense that way.  If you’re interested in Issa, for example, the post tagged “Issa – background” will give you her starting concept.  Another approach is to use the “Character Cast” category to hop to a collection of “background” posts for all characters.

The remaining, non-character categories (“About This Site”, “ESO news & info”, etc.) are from me as a player, not speaking in character voice.  Those posts do not need to be read in any particular order.

Thanks for stopping by and encouraging my obsession.  🙂  @Zells - sepia stone - small


Welcome to Letters from Tamriel

As players of The Elder Scrolls games well know, no situation in Tamriel is so dire that one cannot take a moment to jot down a few notes in a journal or letter to a loved one, perhaps including three-fifths of a puzzle solution for those who might come along later.

In this spirit, Letters from Tamriel originally featured the epistolary fiction of my characters from Elder Scrolls Online, writing home with tales of their adventures. The one-sided conversations were hard to follow, however, so the blog evolved into my discussions of game mechanics, TES lore, and a whole lotta fan-girling about how much I love Elder Scrolls. To read the fiction, start with the Category “About This Site”, or pick a character and click their Category to read through their letters sequentially. The lore posts and fan-girling can be read in any order.

At the top of the right-column menu is a field labelled “Follow This Blog” – if you enter your email address into that field, future posts will show up in your inbox as emails.

Pull up a chair, grab a sweetroll, and enjoy!


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