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Excuses, Midyear Mayhem, and a Screencap

@Zells - sepia stone - smallIt’s very nearly August; I have no idea how that happened.  Time is a concept I don’t fully understand.

Lately the time I usually spend on posts has been soaked up by a couple of things:

1) I am still obsessively doing research to fine-tune Zellfire’s build and have learned a ton about meta building along the way.  I might do a post on meta builds, because even though I’m far from an expert, and there’s a lot of information already out there, most of it is that “give a man a fish” type of advice – “here’s a build, do it this way”.  And that’s a good place to start, but when I hear people discussing how they can’t get past this or that threshold, it’s because they don’t understand how the meta information fits together and/or are doing something they were told to do that doesn’t work for them.

2) My other distraction is that I have an IRL friend who will hopefully be joining ESO soon, and I’ve been emailing them “Beginner’s Guide to ESO” information.  I may do a series of linked posts with those write-ups.  There were so many things I learned eventually but would have loved to have known sooner: stable training, crafting research, how zone sets drop….  I’d like to provide a source of basic starter information for someone who doesn’t yet know how to ask Google for specific things.

Midyear Mayhem is underway!
Midyear Mayhem is the latest holiday event, and it’s PvP themed.  I kind of have a love/hate relationship with PvP.  I do enjoy it once I’m in Cyro – even when I’m dying – but most of the time when I think of going it sounds… stressful.  I’ve also heard complaints about the purely code-driven aspects of the event – achievements not recording, servers crashing, queues in the hundreds, various other things.  I’ve experienced most of that myself.  I have started doing the event achievements, but for the first time I don’t know that I’ll finish them all, even on one character.

Having said all that, I think it’s a well-designed event, for the most part.  Part of the devs job is to get people to try content they’re avoiding, and I like that they’re giving incentives to give PvP a try.  And I really do want that laurel crown.  So I guess this weekend I’ll take a deep breath and give Battlegrounds a try even though I find the idea super intimidating and have been putting it off.  Way to go, devs, ya got me.

If you see me in Cyrodil or in a Battleground this weekend, wave hi before you kill me.  🙂

(Just being friendly!  Not at all an opportunity for me to get another couple of seconds to run!)

This week I sorted through a bunch of my screencaps and added new ones to my computer’s slideshow.  Here’s one of my favorites.  Happy Friday!


Pictures from Tamriel

I’m going to throw another element into the mix – landscape screencaps.

(I swear I will get back to the fictional elements of this blog.  I’m just having a hard time focusing creative energy because my brain’s too busy screaming in rage at my government.  So… pretty pictures! Yay!)

Aesthetics are super important to me; I love eye candy.  It guides my choices of character clothing and appearance, but I also spend hours at a time wandering through Tamriel just to look at it. MMOs are always a little bit limited in terms of the highest-end graphic capabilities, because the game has to be run on a large number of devices, not all of which can handle all the bells and whistles.  But wow, did the devs do a gorgeous job rendering ESO.  I screencap constantly as I play and use the shots as my screensaver at work.  How pretty is this?

I’m starting with this one because it was a bit of an emotional moment for me.  I’m pretty sure it’s Auridon, because  I hadn’t been playing long, and it was the first time I’d run into Ayleid ruins in ESO.  Up to that point I had known I was in Tamriel, the TES world, but when I walked up to this brazier of welkynd stones, the sense of nostalgia for Oblivion hit me really hard – I was looking at something in the landscape that I recognized.  Not those particular ruins or stones, obviously, (Oblivion was in Cyrodil) but still: Ayleid ruins and welkynd stones… I felt like I was home. 🙂

I had been heading somewhere for a quest, but instead immediately ran to the ruin you can see in the distance.  Esp. funny for me because I had gotten so sick of the homogenous nature of those ruins when playing Oblivion, but there I was, racing across the field, going, “ermahgawd, Ayleid ruins!” like a total dweeb.

Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend, and don’t let the bastards get you down.

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