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Lore: Lorkhan’s Tears

In ESO’s Alchemy system, plants you harvest can be mixed with waters (“solvents”) to create potions. The kind of water determines the level of the potion: “Natural Water” makes lvl 3 pots, and the highest level of water for CP pots is called “Lorkhan’s Tears”.

A while back someone in guild chat asked: “Who is this Lorkhan dude, and why is he crying?” My first response was “The answer to that question is the plot of Morrowind” because for me all roads lead back to Morrowind. But there’s a longer, better answer, deeply rooted in Elder Scrolls mythology, and I’ve had requests for lore posts, so we’ll start here. Turns out Zellur’ra is a bit of a bard, and she’s going to tell us a story of Lorkhan.

Caveat: “A” story of Lorkhan, because each of the races has their own mythology and interpretation of cosmic events, and there is much contradiction in the lore. Lorkhan’s myths are particularly confusing to follow through in-game books, b/c depending on the race’s perspective, some see him as a savior/creator deity, yet some see him as an evil figure, the cause of mortality itself, and therefore, the instigator of all mortal suffering. To deepen the confusion, each race calls him by a different name – to the Khajiit he is Lorkhaj, (as in “the Maw of”), but the Nords call him Shor.  Zellur’ra is Khajiit, but this is not the Khajiit myth; this version most closely follows the Imperial tale, though the Imperials call him Shezzar.

And now that I’ve thoroughly confused everyone, Zellur’ra can take over… Read more…


Zellfire, to Divayth

Zellfire close upSer Paatr,

Auridon was lovely, and I already miss it.  I had some concern when I first arrived that I would never get used to their architecture; it is so square and flat and dead compared to the living Telvanni towers of Tel Fyr, so strange to be in a building that doesn’t breathe or grow.

I became accustomed to the style, however, and even came to like it.  And I’m not just saying that because of how well those dead-wood houses burn… though I must admit there’s a certain appeal to a structure that large in the grips of a conflagration, whether I caused it or not.

But Queen Ayrenn requested I meet her in Grahtwood, and so I came to the Bosmer forest capitol of Elden Root.  I suppose it comes as no surprise that it’s filled with Bosmer, and yet I am, nonetheless, continually and unpleasantly surprised by them.  Their alcohol is simply disgusting, and I will spare you the details of it.  The biggest source of discomfort, however, are the trees and tree-houses.  Our mushrooms don’t  press in on one with such humid intensity; they don’t blot out the sun with branches and vines and leaves.  I should feel at home inside the Bosmer living-wood structures, circular and so much more similar to ours than the dead Altmer boxes, and yet I am always relieved to step back outside.  Naturally, of course, the Bosmer abjure teleportation or levitation magic, and you would not believe the number of steps I have been forced to climb since my arrival.  It is tedious and uncivilized.

I am enclosing some beautiful and unusual plant specimens from the region in case they are helpful with your medicinal research.  The Bosmer are sitting on an extraordinary wealth of potent fauna, but they have a religious prohibition that prevents them from picking a single flower or even harvesting ripe fruit.  I won’t pretend to understand their squeamishness, but am happy to benefit from it and harvest the plants they leave untouched.  The alchemist with whom I have contracted has been inspired by my shipments, and has sent me the most amazing tinctures as a result.  Nothing you couldn’t brew, of course, but far better than I expected from a freelancer.

Time presses; I must conclude.

Your Flame,

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