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Nyx, to her sister

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Dear Sissa,

I couldn’t stay long in Rivenspire – not only is it crawling with vampires, but everything about the place felt gloomy and creepy.  Maybe it’s the rain.  Fortunately, I had a good excuse to leave.  King Emeric’s wife is the daughter of King Fahara’jad of Alik’r, and she asked me to take a message to him.

The heat off the Alik’r sand was such a damn relief, I can’t even say.  It wasn’t how either of our parents wanted it, but for better or worse, I grew up a child of the desert.  And on that note…

Please tell Mother I understand now, why she feels as she does about the risen dead.  We have disagreed so often about her customs – our customs – and I thought I would never be able to understand why she is so unhappy when I talk about slaying the dead and putting them back to rest.  It seemed to me – and yes, Papa is to blame for my Imperial outlook on this – that not only was there no harm in killing the dead, not like with a person, but is in fact, a thing to celebrate, a little less evil in the world, a soul laid back to rest.  I arrived in Sentinel to find the docks overrun with undead, and I must admit I was not kind to the King’s soldiers, who were refusing to cut them down.  Lives were at risk, and I thought the soldiers were cowards.

Then I met the Ash’abah of Alik’r, and now I understand. Read more…


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