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Mournful Aegis!

I have a long lore post about St. Alessia and the founding of the Empire almost ready to publish. I was going to finish that today, but then this happened:

Mournful Aegis at Hundings

There are many like it, but this one is mine. ❤

I’ll be moving him to Earthtear once I’ve got it, but right now he’s floating at the entrance of my Hunding’s – primary residence – so guildies can stop by and see. I don’t have enough item space to have the funerary statues set up there, but they are all out for viewing at another house, which I’m happy to take people to. Feel free to stop by if I’m on your friends list, and if not, send me a mail or a PM.

ESO’s Play-Test Server (PTS): what, how, why

@Zells - sepia stone - smallThanks to Earthtear Cavern, I have logged onto the Play-Test Server for the first time, and it’s been both frustrating and fun. Not everything was intuitively obvious, so I’m going to walk through what the PTS is, how you can access it, and why you might want to.

Annnnnd: cut. Read more…

March Crown Store offerings

Literally two posts ago, I wistfully asked ZOS to add magick-y-looking sigils and glowy bits to the furnishings. The reason I wanted them right now was so I could get a handful of Gargoyle achievement statues and make them look like they’re capable of coming alive to protect the treasure vault I’ll be building in Earthtear. It was a Plan B idea, since I couldn’t get large, animated monsters to put in there.

The March Crown store offerings have been announced, and this is the promo pic for a furnishings pack called Hubalajad’s Treasure Bundle:

RaGada funerary furnishings pack

That’s a “Mournful Aegis” in the center. It’s a guardian. Of treasure. It comes with the pack, which will be available March 8 through March 12. Also: tons of glittery valuables for the vault.

I mean…

Dear ZOS,

❤ ❤ ❤

Thanks & Kisses,

Crown Crates: nope, RNG is not my friend

@Zells - sepia stone - smallWell, I gave it a try, but I didn’t fair much better than Deltia did.  My first impression was that the crates were going to be limited to the duration of the New Life Festival and then disappear, but they seem to be a regular stock item now – though certainly the theme/content of the crates will change.  I will try again when a new assortment goes live, but I’m very much hoping they’ll adjust the system somewhat.

I used Christmas money to buy a 5500 pack of Crowns, and spent 5000 on a 15-pack of crates.  Here were my results: Read more…

Crown Crates

@Zells - sepia stone - smallCrown Crates, the Summary: You spend actual $ to get crowns, then you spend the crown points to buy (usually cosmetic) goodies from the Crown Store.  In the case of Crown Crates, what you’re buying is, per crate, 4-5 random prizes from a set pool.  Items range from common to “apex”, the most rare items – in this round (they will be seasonal) all apex items are mounts with a storm atronach skin.

I was in retail a long time, so I really grok the idea that money needs to come in to keep the staff paid and the doors open.  I love TES & ESO, and I am a subscriber partly because I believe in paying for art I consume – I love the game and play it a lot, so I feel a moral obligation to contribute to its financial upkeep.  So far, so good.

But… paying real money for random chances at virtual stuff.  That has some problematic consequences. Read more…

Nyx, to her sister

Nyx in Song of the Night costume - side viewSissa,

I got the clothing you sent, and it’s beautiful.  Highly distracting as well – the merchant who owns the caravan I have been travelling with hires me as backup to his usual muscle, but I spend most of the trips lounging around looking like the his concubine, and none of the other caravan travelers or guards we pass ever notice my weapons, scars, or calluses.  My tailor groused about crafting my leather armor in the Bosmer style – because she’s a racist snob – but we were right; it’s completely camouflaged under the beads and fabric of the new gown.  Thank you.

Wasn’t able to tell you before why I needed the disguise.  The reason is that I stumbled into passage to Abah’s Landing.  Please get word to Pappa to stop trying to contact Nicolas.  At best Nicolas is dead, and at worst, he turned on his own crew – I haven’t yet gotten to the bottom of the story, but you can assure Pappa I’m pursuing it.  The reason he hasn’t been able to get shipments through or get word from anyone he knows is that Nicolas’s last big heist went sideways, and the Abah’s Landing association is in ruins.  No one here knows my face, so I’ve slipped in without disruption, but if Pappa shows up he’ll be in danger.  He won’t be happy to hear it, but tell him to stay away for a while.  I believe he’s crossed paths with the Iron Wheel before?  They are crawling all over Abah’s Landing; he can’t come here.

Months of Pappa sending letters, trying to get info from merchants or mages or shady dealers, looking for shipments that never arrived… I was fencing some goods in Daggerfall and passed by a young Altmer woman, Quen, trying to convince someone to agree to partner her on a heist.  She was laughably green, obviously untested, and her job was in Windhelm, of all places; I nearly passed her by.  But as I walked by, I caught the scent of her perfume – warm spices with an ambergris base; Mother’s favorite.  The only one who mixes that specific scent is that grumpy liar in Abah’s Landing, so despite all the obvious reasons not to agree to take the job, I did.  Got arrested by the Iron Wheel and thrown behind bars, naturally, because that’s what happens with impulsive choices.

But it was worth the hassle.  Once we’d broken out, Quen finally told me her story, and we travelled directly to Abah’s via a tiny little rowboat and the help of an Argonian contact.  Green as she is – Quen, not the Argonian – she’s not incompetent, and I’ve worked with her since, though I stepped up and took lead, so things went more smoothly.  I’m established here now, and I’ll find out about Nicolas and Pappa’s other friends as I get opportunities to investigate it.

I’m including a bottle of Mother’s perfume with this letter; I know how annoyed she’s been to be out of it.  The alchemist who crafts it is every bit as sour as Pappa always said, but his stall is heavenly to be in, as long as he’s not talking.  There’s also a bolt of silk for you to play with, and there should be another present for you, wrapped up in the core of the bolt, unless someone finds it along the way.


Zells Note: Shown in the picture is the Song of the Night costume from the Crown Store.  Props to the devs; the detail is amazing.  The picture doesn’t really do justice to what I’m seeing on my screen.  I play with my computer hooked up to a full-size HD flatscreen television, and I wasn’t sure if I’d have to kick back the settings when I went from the solo games to online, but nope, it’s great.  Overall I’d say there’s less texture on the meshes than is offered by the Skyrim texture packs and mods, but when special clothing goes as far as to show bunching at the seams and detail cording at the edges… that’s extra effort from the graphics team.  I’m impressed and appreciative.   

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