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Summerset How-To post errata

@Zells - sepia stone - small I have made two small updates/corrections to the Summerset How-To post:

1) The recipe that affects fishing (I believe it’s called Lure Allure) no longer causes you to receive x2 drops with each cast. That was a glitch, not the intended effect of the food, and it has since been patched. Darnit. The actual intended effect, currently in play, gives a solo fisher the same increased chance at rare fishing drops that would be received if two people were fishing together.

2) Jewelry with the Swift trait is a possible drop from jewelry crafting writs as previously stated, but I missed one thing – the trait mat for Swift, Gilding Wax, is available from the masterwrit vendor Rolis Hlaalu. The cost is 20 vouchers.

And on a related note – I’ll also be updating my how-to guide for Thieves Guild Heists and Dark Brotherhood Sacraments to include the Swift trait and jewelry crafting. It’s now possible to make Night’s Silence jewelry, and also possible to transmute your current Night Terror jewelry so it has the Swift trait, which will be a godsend for those runs.

TG Heists & DB Sacraments: update

@Zells - sepia stone - smallAfter writing the post about completing Thieves Guild heists and Dark Brotherhood sacraments, I found a couple more ways to increase movement speed.  In addition to putting them in this post, I’ll also edit the original post, which is here, so all info is in one place.  These two tips are only available to Nightblades, since they involve class abilities.

Shadow Skills: Concealed Weapon – When slotted, this ability increases your movement speed while stealthed or invisible by 22%, more if you buy the passive increases.  So if you have this morph (Veiled Strike is the base ability), make sure your heist weapon bar includes it as well as Shadow Cloak when you set up for the run.

Shadow Skill: Path of Darkness – This one’s a little complicated, and may not be worth the effort to many.  PoD creates a “corridor of shadows” (or a cone, in a morph) that does AoE damage to enemies, and increases the caster’s movement speed for 30% while in the AoE and for 2 seconds after leaving it.  If you’re in a straight-away during a heist/sacrament, casting this ahead of you will increase your speed in that hallway, at the risk of aggro’ing any enemy that might get caught in the AoE.  There are a couple of places I can think of where it might be helpful despite that limitation – most notably in the DB sacraments that have long, straight runs to get to the exit.  Might help you beat that ticking clock.

And as a side-note: I mentioned in that last post that I never bothered to do the Underground Sepulcher heist because it was too hard.  That very night when I logged in to run my dailies, US was the heist, and I immediately got stubborn about it.  “You JUST said the heists were do-able if you practiced and took the time to learn the route!  So learn the damn route already!”  It took me a dozen tries to get through it, but I did.  Ha!  I still have never gotten through it on the first try, but I can always complete it now, with some patience.  You totally can, too. 🙂

TG Heists & DB Sacraments: how to’s and tips

@Zells - sepia stone - smallI hate timed sections of video games; my reaction time is crap.  I loved the Tomb Raider games, but often had to use cheat codes to make it past certain timed areas.  (I’M SORRY, LARA; I FAILED YOU.)

Said something last weekend about doing a Thieves Guild heist, and my guild chat immediately filled up with people saying they don’t do them because they can’t beat the timer.  Honestly, folks, if I can do it anyone can, but there are specific techniques that make it possible.  I didn’t invent any of this, but I also haven’t seen all pieces of it laid out together anywhere online, so here we go.  Info is behind the cut, and it’s totally TL;DR.  But it’s thorough!
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