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Nyx, to her sister

Screenshot_20160327_160937 - face only@Zells note: Major spoilers for main quest after the cut.


I have not wanted to write because I don’t like the news I have to share.  When I wrote home last, I was helping King Fahara’jad deal with the rising dead in Alik’r.  I did not mention my concern about who was causing the problem, but now I have to.

The local necromancer cult in Alik’r call themselves the Withered Hand, and they are ambitious.  Worse, however – they have been emboldened by Imperial authority.  The leader who moved in and stirred them to aggressive expansion was no less than Septima Tharn, Magus-General of the Seventh Legion, acting under the direct orders of Regent Clivia Tharn.   I cannot express the disgust, anger, and betrayal I felt when I learned who was behind the sudden increase of necromancy in Alik’r.  I did not want to say it until I knew it was true, but now I’m sure, and you and Papa must know how deep the corruption runs.  No one can be trusted, and the Regency is compromised – the throne cannot stay in her hands; she is actively working to give Mundus over to Molag Bal.

There is a lot I haven’t told you, actually, and I’m sorry for that.  When you’ve asked I have said letters are not a safe way to tell the story, but the truth is (again) that I was avoiding what needed to be said.  And in any case, the secrets that did need to be kept are now known by my enemies, so there is no longer a point to keeping you and Papa in the dark about what I have been doing. Read more…

Quotes from Tamriel

“Bloody business, war.  There was a time when I loved my axe for its sharpness and my armor for its shine, but no more.  Today I love what they defend.  Don’t lose sight of what’s behind you in the hatred of what’s before you.”
-Lyris Titanborn

When I started this blog, I had no intention of ever posting personal comments, let alone political commentary, but it’s been a long week and I feel I must say something important.

To my international friends: many of us are deeply embarrassed by the election and do not support the bigotry and hatred represented by the campaign that won the electoral college.  We are fighting, and we will continue to fight – not only because we hate what we see coming, but also because we love: we love our Jewish grandmothers and our Hispanic neighbors and our gay nephews and our black professors and our Muslim in-laws.  We love each other, and this crazy, melting-pot experiment of a country, and we will fight to defend the ideals upon which it was founded.

Hatred is blind and destructive; love sees and defends.  I will defend.

Nyx, to her sister

Screenshot_20160327_160937 - face only


I hear Papa’s home – tell him I’m proud of him for not freaking out any more than he did about the guild initiation.  It isn’t like he’s never been naked in public.  I am a little disappointed, tho’; I’ve accumulated a lot of great blackmail material about Papa from his friends here in Abah’s Landing that I was looking forward to using if he decided to fuss.  Turns out the crusty alchemist who makes Mother’s perfume is a delightful wealth of information about Papa’s younger days here.  If you’re very nice, I’ll share some with you when I’m home next.

Jokes aside, I have some serious news.  When I got Papa’s letter suggesting I spend more time in my clothes, doing work that needs to be done, I was already on my way to Rivenspire.  Now I’ve spent some time there, and the situation is disgusting.  Half the region’s nobility have been seduced by vampires, and the rest are vampires.  I’m not impressed with King Emeric.  Either he’s stupid or he’s corrupted, but he knows his nobles are leeches, and he thinks that’s okay.  Molag Bal’s dropping planemeld anchors right and left, the bloodsuckers are his spawn, and Emeric is fine with them being in control of his people.  He made me promise I would take no action; I have to keep my word.  But tell Papa he should contact his hunter friends and direct them to Rivenspire – in force – things are worse than anyone realizes.  Contacting the Vigilants is also a good idea.

I can’t speak much of the plan to address Molag Bal directly; that’s too dangerous to write down, even though our letters are reasonably secure.  A plan is in play, however.  The amulet will be found again, of that I have no doubt.

On an unrelated note – I’ve mentioned but didn’t really explain that I’ve joined a cross-alliance crafting consortium.  I send them materials as I find them, and they make me custom armor in exchange.  The racist Altmer who crafts my leathers recently summoned (yes, “summoned”, not “bought”) an amazing mount that she’s keeping in our community stable.  She said I could ride it whenever she wasn’t using it.  He’s difficult to describe, a huge cat composed of shadow and lightning – looks like something from a story about Azura.  Just… unspeakably beautiful.  He’s ridiculously flashy, tho’, and the boys in the Guild are giving me shit about being too memorable when the guards start asking questions, but I don’t even care.  I can’t believe the elf’s okay with me riding him, but she doesn’t seem to care much about her possessions.  Rich people, right? I asked his name and she said she hadn’t thought about it – I swear.  I’m calling him Umbra.

Tell Mother I found a nice wooden lapdesk I’m having shipped to her, but what’s inside the desk’s secret compartment is for you.  No hints on finding the drawer or accessing it – if you can’t figure it out, you don’t get the gift.  No cheating and asking Papa for help, either.


Quotes from Tamriel

Zellfire: Are you insane?

“Sane? That’s in the North, isn’t it?  I don’t believe I’ve had the pleasure.”

@Zells: I feel ya, Caldwell.  I keep meaning to make the trip myself, but things keep coming up, and — oh, look! A squirrel!

Zellfire, to Divayth

Screenshot_20160404_190121 - faceSer Paatr,

Have you ever met or had dealings with Abnur Tharn?  Is he a necessary contact or source of information?  Is he useful to you?

Am fantasizing about setting him on fire.  Please advise.

Your flame,

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