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Hunding’s Oasis – Updates

@Zells - sepia stone - smallI got the Hunding’s Palatial Hall house back in March, and chose it partly because I had a very clear vision of how the spaces would be “used” by the characters, and how I wanted them to look.  But a number of things I wanted weren’t available when housing first came out.  For example, I really wanted the wall in the front room covered with monster heads mounted on plaques – I used to make those in mods and then install them in the player home after that character defeated that boss.  About 2 months after I wished for them, mounted trophy heads were introduced with the Morrowind patch.  ❤  And they are spectacular, just what I’d imagined.

Now, after five months of learning patterns, gathering mats, trading with other players, running dungeons, and spending literally millions of gold, my “Hunding’s Oasis” home is almost exactly like I pictured it when I first walked in.  I’m super pleased.  I could do with twice as many item slots as I have, but within this limit, it’s good.  New patterns and objects will continue to be released, and I’m sure I’ll still replace some items; I’m at 600/600, no adding anything else without subtracting.  But I’m as “done” with the Oasis as I ever will be.  And I love it.

So now that some of the items have been swapped out for what I really wanted, and the trophies have been added, it’s time for an update on the pictures.  I’m going to post the new pics here, after the cut, but I’m also going to go back to the original posts and replace/update those images and descriptions.  Links to the original posts will be at the bottom of this post.
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Luxury Furnishings

@Zells - sepia stone - smallBoy, have I been goin’ through the gold.   Theoretically I’m saving money for the Sleek Creek house in Rawl’kha, but the achievement furnishings are so cool that it’s hard not to buy them.  I’m farming more, auctioning more, finishing up achievements I’ve put off… what a huge boost Homestead has been w/r/t to player activity.

What’s really kicking my bank account’s ass, however, is the luxury items.  I have no regrets – those glow-y flowers are glow-y… how can I be expected to resist that?  Also, drapes and the gazebo…

My screensaver at work is an ESO slideshow of ‘caps I take as I play.  Yesterday, this popped up:


This was taken in Hew’s Bane, during a Thieves Guild quest where you attend, yes, a wedding.  There’s the wedding gazebo, and the huge hanging drapes.  The rose trellis is also part of this cell.  That’s why those pieces are called “wedding drapes”, etc.

I’m weirdly excited about this, because I often see cool objects in special quest areas, and now that we have housing I’m looking at the world with a modder’s eye again – “how could I reuse that piece?  would it work in that one spot if I turned it on its side?”.  I’m hoping that the luxury vendor continues to pull cool set pieces from quest events like this.

Btw – I am continuing to farm Remains Silent with both my DB characters, and I got another rare furnishings drop the other night that’s not one of the three I shared before.  It’s a set of candles stuck in and dripping down wine bottles.  So there are definitely more than the 3 I mentioned before.  I will post a screencap soon and update that other post.

Enjoy your farming!

Inventory and Immersion

@Zells - sepia stone - smallThe Dark Brotherhood DLC goes live next week and I could not be more excited.  Nyx, my main Nightblade, is a thief rather than an assassin, but Vashta Neradae, my Dunmer, insect-themed Daedra worshipper, is going to be all over this.  Poisons, huzzah!  All hail Sithis!  However, while the DB content will be exciting, the thing I’m looking forward to the most is the “crafting bag” storage added to subscriber accounts.  Honestly, if I hadn’t been a subscriber already, the promise of “infinite” crafting storage would have tipped it for me.

I just recently used subscriber Crowns to purchase the banker assistant, and I can not overstate how much it has changed/improved the game for me.  Since I joined in late December, I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say I have spent dozens of hours of my life on inventory management: transferring craft mats to mules and back again, logging and re-logging to shift inventory so new mats would fit, running back into town in the middle of a quest line only because my bag was full (of crafting mats).  Making a new suit of armor for a character involved several runs back and forth from the bank to the specialty crafting station (usually in the distant wilderness), and since my crafting is spread over several characters, I had to repeat those repetitive, back-and-forth runs multiple times as I did cloth/leather (‘Fire), then metal weapons/armor (Issa) , then staves/bow (Zahara).  Now, with the banker, I can go to the specialty station… and just stay there, summoning Tythis in and dismissing him when I’m done.  When I’m questing, if my bags get full I can summon him into a quiet corner, un-load, and go back to having fun.

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