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Zellfire’s ritual journal notes

Screenshot_20160404_190121 - face*Zells note: Most of the entries I do for the characters function at least partly as role-play explanations of things that happen in the game, but that’s especially true of this post, which is my version of how my characters got access to the Dro-m’Atha Senche limited edition mount.  (Besides “it was in the Crown Store” and “I’m a sucker”, I mean.)  There’s a little bit of in-game explanation, in that the people-shaped Dro-m’Athra are corrupted Khajiit, probably Namira’s doing originally, but the information’s a bit sketchy.  I took some liberties, and loosely tied the Dro-m’Atha Senche to Azura, given that she is also worshipped by the Khajiit (as Azurah), and the Dro-m’Atha Senche has twilight associations.  YMMV, as they say, but I’m not claiming this is canon, just my fan-wank.

new page4 DAYS LEFT!
Twilight-Senche summoning

Overheard this afternoon a pair of Bosmer and Khajiit mages discussing an unusual astrological conflux .  Apparently for a span of about 5 days, it will be possible to summon and form a bond with a senche mount made of twilight, using an adapted form of the ritual used to summon Azura’s winged twilight servants.  Must investigate.

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Zellfire, to Divayth

Screenshot_20160404_190121 - faceSer Paatr,

While the tree canopy still feels oppressive and continuously wet, and I cannot say that I’ve grown fond of Bosmer, I must concede that their spiritual practices are not entirely intolerable or without merit.  I had an experience with one of their holy men a few weeks ago that – although moving at the time – I did not expect to have lasting impact.  Nonetheless, it appears that it has.  I feel foolish bringing it up, but since the effects seem to keep making themselves known, I feel I should mention it to you.

There is a cult in Grahtwood who call themselves the Brackenleaf Briars.  As a side-effect of being a known associate and unofficial representative of Queen Ayrenn, the Briars offered to initiate me into their cult.  Under normal circumstances I would have declined, but under normal circumstances, they would not have offered.  However, Ayrenn requested I do everything I could to foment convivial relationships between the peoples of the Dominion whenever possible, so I acquiesced to the initiation.

I did not, as I said, expect to feel touched by the ceremony, but I was.  After proving myself to the cult, the initiation ritual connected me to a being they refer to as a “spirit animal”.  I have heard the expression before, and always assumed such a binding ritual would be bloody and horrific.  On the contrary, it was remarkably… it is difficult to describe.  Suffice to say, I was joined by the spirit of the Senche who live in the forest, and it was a profound and even beautiful experience.  Still, it was a memory I expected to enjoy and then let fade – yet that is not what has happened.  The Senche seem to have become a permanent part of my life in some way.  A spirit Senche helped me during a recent mission, and a group of them came to peacefully rest near me while I was crafting a new robe near the Belarata ruins in Malabal Tor.

A few nights ago I overheard a group of Bosmer mages discussing a quirk in the astrological alignments which will briefly allow the conjuring of a Senche-shaped twilight beast to use as a mount.  It’s apparently an adaptation of a ritual used to summon one of Azura’s winged minions – they inhabit similar shadow realms – but it can only be performed under certain conditions and within a very narrow timeframe.  I believe I will return to the Brackenleaf camp during the summoning window and see if I can conjure this Dro-m’Atha Senche; my spiritual connection to the Senche should be enough to help the beast manifest.

There is probably little relevance to this set of events, but since it appears to be a permanent effect, I felt I should make you aware in case it affects your own attunements.

Your Flame,

Zellfire, to Divayth

Zellfire close upSer Paatr,

I mentioned I had met Queen Ayrenn, and that it appeared she had taken me into her confidence.  I understated the matter somewhat, primarily because I assumed the warm demeanor was merely a gambit on her part.  It seemed inconceivable someone well trained in high court politics would so readily adopt a near-stranger into her inner circle.  It was more likely she recognized the name of my house and was attempting to curry favor from you, rather than wishing to form any real connection with me.

Apparently, however, it was no front.  Despite my name, my associations with the Telvanni, a thousand other details a Queen should certainly be expected to notice, she nonetheless assumes I am an Altmer.  Her rebellious days as an adventurer have not been misconstrued by rumor; deep in her heart she is truly a wild thing, and she still yearns to explore tombs and tussle with bandits, rather than ruling.  I originally cursed inwardly that I met her straight off the road, still covered in dust with fresh gouges in my staff and scorch marks on my robes, but now I understand it was the best possible introduction.  She trusts me, far more than she should, partly because she believes she sees herself in me; she has outright said as much.

Enough preamble; I have incredible, impossible news: the Orrery at Elden Root is once again functional.  It was not an easy task to accomplish, and it’s entirely possible that a Khajiit god is now angry with me, but I am certainly not fond of him, either, the rapacious bastard.  That’s a fight for another day, however, and it did have a purpose.  The Orrery was reconstructed and brought back to life because the Bosmer insisted they needed divine proof of the Queen’s right to rule, proof that only the Orrery could provide… they then tasked the Queen (or, more properly, the Queen’s agents) with finding the items necessary to reinvigorate the ancient machine and bring it back to life.  When the Bosmer mages explained the mantle of a god was needed to re-spark the Orrery, I had to repress a laugh – of all the ways to passively block Queen Ayrenn’s ascension, requiring her champion to take on a god is actually a fairly intelligent choice.  But I was successful.

The trick required the Khajiit god’s mantle because in order to fire the machine an operator has to be in three places simultaneously to manipulate the controls; the god’s mantle allowed this.  But you have other ways of being in three places at once, do you not?  It seems to me that some of the Ayleid ruins in your journals might be worth re-visiting, with this trick in mind.  Perhaps there’s another Orrery still undamaged enough to function, if fired correctly.

I am, of course, including a complete, detailed report of the machine’s functions, with sketches of the controls and relevant information about the Orrery’s construction, astral alignments, and other esoteric data you will require.

One additional note of import: Prince Naemon is dead.  The official story is that he died a hero.  The truth is that he attempted to subvert Ayrenn’s ascension by diving into the Orrery before her and claiming the right to rule for himself.  The machine transformed him to a monster, and I was finally allowed the joy of killing him, which – to be perfectly frank – has long needed doing.  It was obvious he was at least tacitly involved in his wife’s coup attempt, and if Ayrenn weren’t so soft she would have ordered his execution immediately after we discovered the depth of Esme’s treachery.  I started to suggest it, but understood it would have damaged Ayrenn’s trust in me, and it seemed reasonable to assume I’d be given a chance to kill him later, so I waited and the chance did indeed come to pass.

That is more than enough for now.  I will cease my ramblings and let you turn to the Orrery’s schematics, assuming you have not already done so.

Your Flame,

Zellfire, to Divayth

Zellfire close upSer Paatr,

Auridon was lovely, and I already miss it.  I had some concern when I first arrived that I would never get used to their architecture; it is so square and flat and dead compared to the living Telvanni towers of Tel Fyr, so strange to be in a building that doesn’t breathe or grow.

I became accustomed to the style, however, and even came to like it.  And I’m not just saying that because of how well those dead-wood houses burn… though I must admit there’s a certain appeal to a structure that large in the grips of a conflagration, whether I caused it or not.

But Queen Ayrenn requested I meet her in Grahtwood, and so I came to the Bosmer forest capitol of Elden Root.  I suppose it comes as no surprise that it’s filled with Bosmer, and yet I am, nonetheless, continually and unpleasantly surprised by them.  Their alcohol is simply disgusting, and I will spare you the details of it.  The biggest source of discomfort, however, are the trees and tree-houses.  Our mushrooms don’t  press in on one with such humid intensity; they don’t blot out the sun with branches and vines and leaves.  I should feel at home inside the Bosmer living-wood structures, circular and so much more similar to ours than the dead Altmer boxes, and yet I am always relieved to step back outside.  Naturally, of course, the Bosmer abjure teleportation or levitation magic, and you would not believe the number of steps I have been forced to climb since my arrival.  It is tedious and uncivilized.

I am enclosing some beautiful and unusual plant specimens from the region in case they are helpful with your medicinal research.  The Bosmer are sitting on an extraordinary wealth of potent fauna, but they have a religious prohibition that prevents them from picking a single flower or even harvesting ripe fruit.  I won’t pretend to understand their squeamishness, but am happy to benefit from it and harvest the plants they leave untouched.  The alchemist with whom I have contracted has been inspired by my shipments, and has sent me the most amazing tinctures as a result.  Nothing you couldn’t brew, of course, but far better than I expected from a freelancer.

Time presses; I must conclude.

Your Flame,

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