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Quotes from Tamriel

“I fear Sheogorath may have gotten the best of us.”

Really, Shally?  Really?

I don’t know how to break this to you, O Wise One, but I don’t think it’s merely arrogance that keeps driving you to make bets with the Daedric Prince of Crazy.

I think you’re nuts, is what I’m saying.  I think you’re his.  You like bets?  I’ll bet you this shiny staff that you’ve got a cheese shrine in your bedroom.  C’mon, you can tell me.

And for the record, there is no “us” here, my friend.  I saw this coming from the very beginning.  He only got the better of you.  Again.


Quotes from Tamriel

“I’m far too valuable to be lost if this insane and dangerous manipulation of reality doesn’t work… you should try it!”
-90% of Mage Guild quest-givers, paraphrased

Oh, Mage’s Guild, you are as constant as the sunrise.  Emperors will rise and fall, allies will come and go, but I can always count on you to be willing to sacrifice a stranger to test out a crazy-ass experiment that might end us all.  Never change, Mage’s Guild, you keep doin’ you.  (And we’ll keep cleaning up your messes.)

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