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Housing: OMG

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Hi, and welcome back from winter break!  Or maybe that’s just me.  At any rate, welcome to 2017. 🙂

Housing is coming to ESO in February.  Right now it’s on the PTS, and I considered diving in to the PTS to try it, but I decided to wait.  I don’t want to hassle with downloading the game all over again to get PTS access, but more importantly, I don’t want to “re-do” any work I put into housing – don’t want to decorate one on the PTS and then decorate it again when Homestead goes live for real.  But the preview vids are hitting YouTube and I am drooling.  The rest of this post is a verbal rendition of that drool, and my personal history with TES. 🙂  It’s extremely TL;DR. Read more…

Happy Holidays!

@Zells - sepia stone - smallFor me personally 2016 was a great year, but outside my immediate bubble it was pretty much an ongoing dumpster fire.  As happy as I am about all I accomplished this year, including coming to the end of several huge, years-long projects (my Master’s degree being only one of those), the world still seems darker than it was.  Still, the message of the season is that periods of Dark are always followed by the return of Light, and there’s a lot of weight off my shoulders right now, which makes optimism easier.  So I will keep holding my little candle with hope in my heart and wait for the sun.

I work at a university and my winter break starts today, so I’m about to go into two weeks of hibernation, during which I will be on ESO pretty much all day.  And all night several times as well, probably, because what’s winter break for, if not 40-hour gaming marathons?  (Current no-break gaming record is 37 hours solid; I’m going to try and beat it this vacation.  #squadgoals )  If you’re online, give me a whisper and we’ll go explore Tamriel together.

Otherwise: have a wonderful, peaceful, and merry Winter Solstice Holiday of Your Choice.  May it be healing and rejuvenating, and not at all traumatic. 🙂  See you in 2017!

Quotes from Tamriel

“Bloody business, war.  There was a time when I loved my axe for its sharpness and my armor for its shine, but no more.  Today I love what they defend.  Don’t lose sight of what’s behind you in the hatred of what’s before you.”
-Lyris Titanborn

When I started this blog, I had no intention of ever posting personal comments, let alone political commentary, but it’s been a long week and I feel I must say something important.

To my international friends: many of us are deeply embarrassed by the election and do not support the bigotry and hatred represented by the campaign that won the electoral college.  We are fighting, and we will continue to fight – not only because we hate what we see coming, but also because we love: we love our Jewish grandmothers and our Hispanic neighbors and our gay nephews and our black professors and our Muslim in-laws.  We love each other, and this crazy, melting-pot experiment of a country, and we will fight to defend the ideals upon which it was founded.

Hatred is blind and destructive; love sees and defends.  I will defend.

on a personal note…

@Zells - sepia stone - smallGrad school takes a lot of time.  Who knew?

However, I’m done as of last week.  I can haz Master’s.

Looking forward to playing and posting more. 🙂

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