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Hunding’s Oasis: pt 3, Interior Downstairs

Zells note: The house tour begins with Part 0: Prologue and continues in Part 1: Entryway, and Part 2: Courtyard. It continues in Part 4: Interior Upstairs and Part 5: Back Patio. I will now turn things over to Zellur’ra, your tour guide, except for the captions on the pictures.

You must be sun-dazzled and road-weary from your journey to Hunding’s Oasis.  Come! Let us step into the cool shade of the house and enjoy its delights.

from front door

The altar is the Lunar Altar from Reaper’s March quests.  The large Dwarven spider head is the mounted trophy from the Engine Guardian in Darkshade Caverns, and if you don’t think it’s awesome you’re dead inside, and I don’t think we can be friends.  The Tamriel map is from the Tamriel Explorer achievement.

Zellur’ra heard your intake of breath when we entered; she had the same reaction when she first arrived and the altar was not even finished then.  As you may have heard, our lady Nyx has the honor of being a member of the Ash’abah clan of Alik’r and travels there frequently.  The sword on the altar was a gift from Throne Keeper Farvad, for her service in helping to drive the Withered Hand from Alik’r.  It is not, of course, one of the three famous Ansei swords themselves – those remain in Alik’r, protecting the honored dead – but it is just as ancient, forged as a prototype model for the actual swords by the same smith. Of all the wonders in the Oasis, the Ansei sword is our lady Nyx’s most treasured possession.

Zells: The Ash’abah quest is my favorite in the game, mostly because of how much it meant to the character.  Nyx writes home about the experience in this post.

Perhaps you would like to take a closer look at the trophies?  Let us step forward…

Trophy wall, full shot

They had not yet created the mounted monster heads when I first started decorating the house, but they are exactly what I wanted for this wall.  The pictures in this post originally showed a blank wall here, and I am so happy with the way it looks now.

As you can see, our guests often lounge here and catch up with friends when they come in from the road; it is a very popular place to unwind.

Altar area - lounging spots
This is a shot from months ago, when the wall was still blank.  I will probably also change out the rugs and pillows eleventy jillion times before I’m happy with them.  But it’s a good start. 🙂

Zellur’ra knows you must be hungry after your long trip – let us move over the kitchen.  Our chefs are extraordinary, and the food is fresh daily.  And all at reasonable prices!

Many deals and negotiations have been made at our dining table.  Should you wish to arrange a meeting with business companions while you are visiting the Oasis, just send word ahead and this one will make all the arrangements.  It has been said that contracts signed here give good luck to all involved, and who is Zellur’ra to argue?

Dining Table
The curled paper on the table is called “Signed Contract” and that’s a quill beside it.  I love the big, showy displays, but it’s the little details that make the most happy, and I’m just delighted by how much this looks like a trade deal is going on here.  I wish I could mod in npcs to sit in those chairs.  The yellow, frilly piece on the wine rack is Sun Coral, a fishing drop, but it has been replace with the bust of Valkyn Skoria, the vet furnishing reward from City of Ash II.

Before we move on, Zellur’ra must pause to point out this stone statue.  It appears to be merely a large block of carved stone, yes?  But it is the head from a tremendous stone atronach.  Can you imagine battling such a monster?

stone atronach trophy

But seriously, it’s the head of the giant stone atronach from the Aetherian Archive trial.  Thanks, devs.

If your travels require you to spend the night, we do have accommodations up the stairs.  We cannot offer much in the way of privacy, but the beds are quite luxurious!  Simply send word to Zellur’ra and she will hold a bed for you.

Should you find the dining table too formal and stuffy after your trip, step farther back into the kitchen and have a seat at the grill.  Our chefs will entertain you with stories while they prepare your food.

I’m going to be right at the item count cap on this house, and I don’t much care about kitchens, so my goal was to fill up this room visually using as few items as possible.  There are only ~45 items in the whole kitchen and dining area, and you can see most of them in this pic.

Now that you have had a bite to eat, Zellur’ra is most anxious to show you the bar.  Our selection of wines, liquors, and tonics is unparalleled! Merchants and traders from all corners of Tamriel have brought us exotic and delicious beverages, and because we buy direct, our prices are far lower than what you are used to. Ask for your favorite, or try something new!

Now please, step over here, stand close, this one has a secret to share.  You remember, of course, that when we were outside you saw the exterior entrance to the Outlaw Refuge under the house?  That cask in the corner does not hold wine, friend, it is the interior entrance to the Refuge.  You see the seam at the edge?  If you should see another guest you wish to avoid, simply slip into the cask and through the tunnel that leads to the caves below.  Zellur’ra will never tell.

Bar w-cask

I wish I could mod in npcs, and I wish I could make that cask an actual entrance.  But let’s just all play pretend it leads to an underground Refuge.  The cask is a Dark Brotherhood quest achievement, and in the quest it is actually a secret entrance, and it really does open and close, at least.  If I could mod in npcs, there’d be a guy at the table on the left, counting his profits, but you’ll have to use your imaginations for that as well.  You can barely see it in the screencap, but there’s a Dibella sigil on the bar.

It is too early for the evening show yet, but you should stay until it begins, if you are not too tired from your journey.  You may have heard rumors of our dancers; they are the finest, and some of them have performed for royalty.  We are blessed to have such delights to offer, and Zellur’ra strongly encourages you to tip generously to ensure their return to the Oasis.

Dancing Stage
If you played the original Morrowind, you may remember Desele’s House of Earthly Delights in Suran – a bar, but mostly a strip club, right across the bay from stuffy, proper Vivec City.  When I was deciding what to do with this room, I remembered Desele’s place and knew immediately that I needed to construct a dancing stage as an homage.  The stage is made of Orc platforms, and the corner columns are from the Reaper’s March achievement vendor.

Please note that the stairs on the left lead to Nyx’s private chambers, and are, sadly, off limits to guests without an escort.  The house guards are most… enthusiastic about protecting our lady’s privacy, so Zellur’ra recommends you do not give them cause to doubt the goodness of your intentions.  However, our lady is currently away, and this one is pleased that your tour can include a view of the personal treasures our lady has stored in her rooms upstairs.  Come!

Zells: Next week the tour will resume with the master bedroom, and hopefully I will also be able to finish the “back yard” of the house in the last post of the tour!

Return to Part 0: Prologue
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Continue on to Part 4: Interior Upstairs
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