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Hunding’s Oasis: Pt 5, Back Patio

Zells note – This will be the last post of the house tour for Hunding’s Oasis. This is an especially challenging area to screencap because I deliberately placed the pieces so not everything can be seen at the same time – I wanted to give the sense that there was always something cool right around the corner to pull people along.  Also, I wanted to make good use of the huge space, so many the pieces are large, and often require a long shot to be seen properly.  Really, the best way to see the area is to port in – if you’ve read this far, consider yourself invited, it’s my primary residence. 🙂

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Thanks for everyone who has read and commented on this indulgent series of posts!  (In game, I mean, but fyi, you are allowed to comment on the posts themselves. 🙂 )  I will now turn things over to your tour guide, Zellur’ra, except for the picture captions.


pool and balconyWelcome, friend, Zellur’ra was just enjoying the comfort of Meridia’s Light; many pause here to do so as they pass by. Now that you have seen the interior of the Oasis, this one will show you the back patio, and you will be free enjoy the entertainments there.

First we will head down to the beach – it is this one’s favorite place, and you can take a closer look at the statues here.

Azura-Nocturnal-Anchor 2

The Nocturnal statue is in shadow most of the day – I looked around for a spot that was.  I was going to put it around back by the (fake) entrance to the (imaginary) Outlaw’s Refuge, but I wanted it with Azura and Meridia so I could do my Triple Goddess thing.  There’s a Light of Meridia crystal sunk into the back side of the Nocturnal statue near the base, so her face is always shadowed, but even at night you can see the statue’s shape.

Our lady Nyx offered Zellur’ra a luxurious room in the house, but when this one was a prisoner in Coldharbour she spent years in a stone room, unable to see the sky, and she does not now like to awaken in dark, enclosed spaces. She keeps a room in the base of the tower here, but requested a curtain over the entrance instead of a door so she never feels locked in.

Usually however, Zellur’ra sleeps in her tent here on the beach; she loves falling asleep under the stars, listening to the sound of the waves. This one often fishes when she is not busy with other duties, and provides much of the fish and seafood served in the Oasis kitchen.

beach tent 2

The tent is a “Khajiit Loft, Reed”.  The pole rack, fish rack, and buoy are luxury vendor items.

As this one said previously, many of the staff and guards here at the Oasis were prisoners and slaves in Coldharbour. After the mighty battle was over, we did not wish to remain there, under that terrible sky, but many of us found we no longer had homes to which we could return.

We are grateful to our lady Nyx for providing us such a beautiful sanctuary to call home, but we are also grateful simply to be alive – there were many, many souls who did not survive the battle, and so many more who did not survive Coldharbour’s tortures long enough to know the battle would be fought, let alone won. To honor the fallen and in tribute to the survivors, Nyx erected a Coldharbour Memorial, and Zellur’ra is moved by the number of travelers who pause here in quiet reverence.


I love how this turned out, but the time I put into it cracks me up.  There’s a little under 400K worth of achievement furnishings visible in this shot, and not only did I have to farm the gold, the chain links and anchor pinion require the Anchors Away achievement, so I had to run around Cyrodil getting killed over and over until I cleared all the dolmens.  Totally worth it. 🙂   I am pleased the chain links together so well – that’s 4 two-piece sections, and it looks so much more like a chain than just two links do.  The white flowers are from a Hew’s Bane achievement, and the statue is the kneeling Ansei statue from the Alik’r Adventurer achievement.  Crystal “chandelier” is from a Coldharbour achievement.

But enough about death and destruction, we are in a good place, a happy place, yes? Come, follow Zellur’ra up the stairs and see what we have for you. We are quite fortunate to have a talented troupe performing at the Oasis, though the performance does not begin until after dark.

Stage and stable

That’s the Khajiit “merchant tent” I’m using as a stage, and more flowers from Hew’s Bane.  I so want to mod in performers, but we’re playing “let’s just pretend they’re here” again. 🙂  The well on the far right is from the Hew’s Bane achievements.

Should you wish a quieter, more contemplative evening, you are most welcome to sit with friends by the fire and enjoy the excellent view of sea and beach.

Full patio - from bench

The “Redguard Bench, arc” is a craftable item.  I found a way to farm the “Khajiit Skooma Bubbler” and its pattern; I have 10 of them now (acquired while farming the pattern) and can craft more if I run out – give me a shout if you want one, I’ll sell it way below MM.

Do take note of the stable as you pass by, and Nyx’s mount, Umbral. She is a most ferocious beast, and Zellur’ra must stress in the strongest possible terms that Umbral tolerates the touch of no one but her mistress.  Should you attempt to pet her, or – Divines forbid – mount her, neither Zellur’ra nor the guards will be quick enough to prevent harm coming to you.  This one is, however, delighted to report that the last guest who petted Umbral is doing quite well! He says learning to write with his left hand is not as difficult as he had imagined. We are all most pleased.

That’s a “Wood Elf Meat Rack” – Bosmer, y’know? – and the counter is the Orc bar.  I have not once regretted buying that Dro-m’Atha Senche; she is gorgeous and glowy, and I’m happy she gets her own spot in the house.

As you may know, our lady Nyx has close ties with the Fighter’s Guild, and the ear of the Guildmaster. The Oasis is considered neutral ground and Guild leaders sometimes conduct business here when individual halls are in conflict; there is much to sort out in the aftermath of recent events.  If you are looking for a place to spar with friends or new acquaintances, you are welcome to do so here, though this one must mention again that violence against other guests elsewhere is strictly prohibited.

fight club

Most player homes I’ve made in mods have a Centurian target dummy, all the way back to TES3, but none of them have ever had the lambent glow.  Perfect.  It’s not quite visible here, but the pile of crates behind the Centurian hide another passway, and the exterior “entrance” to the (imaginary) Outlaw’s Refuge is just beyond it.  And with that, we are full circle on this tour.

Zellur’ra has shown you all she can of the Oasis, and now she must go to prepare for the evening’s events.  Please, make yourself at home, and remember us in your future travels – you are always welcome here!

Zells: Thank you all so much for playing along, it’s been a lot of fun putting this together.  Also, I’ve grown fond of Zellur’ra; I’m expecting her to make more appearances.  Happy hunting!

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Update post with changes – pictures in the numbered posts have already been switched out.


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